FEAST OF THE SEVEN FISH Sunday 12/22 & Monday 12/23



Kale Salad 15.

sweet potato, feta, radish, pumpkin seed, 

honey-ginger vinaigrette

Sicilian Style Calamari 16.

tomato, caper, pine nut, currant, pastina

Hollander & De Koning Mussels 17.

bacon, onion, whole grain dijon, cream

Day Boat Scallops 18.

cauliflower, butternut squash, raisin agrodolce, almond aillade

Spanish Octopus 17.

smoked potato, pickled poblano, poached egg vinaigrette


Skatewing 31.

white bean, broccoli rabe, eggplant relish, romesco

Wild Isles Salmon 31.

black pepper, barley, spinach, meyer lemon-caper cream

Barramundi 32.

orzo, shiitake, leek, celery root, scallop nage

Halibut 33.

olive oil crushed chickpea, fennel, roasted garlic, saffron 

Wagyu Coulotte Steak 32.

brussels sprout, fingerling, marinated red onion, worcestershire

*changes seasonally as ingredients become available at their peak.